Anime Mid-Atlantic 18


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1. YOU MUST BE IN COSTUME! This is a cosplay event after all!! Please keep the costumes PG-13, we are still a family friendly con! There may be kids in the audience!

2. Speaking of kids, anything is allowed! It does NOT have to be a Japanese song! Please keep this family friendly as well. WE WILL CHECK!!

3. Keep your language PG in any introduction you may do. Think about the children!

Now that the boring rules are out of the way, here’s how sign ups will work this year:

4. There will be no at con sign ups this year. Instead, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

5. We will accept the first 15 sign ups. After that, the form will close and no additional entries will be accepted.

6. In the case of not reaching 15 sign ups, the form will close approximately two weeks prior to AMA.

7. Please send your music to with the subject “AMA Lip Sync Battle Music Choices”. PLEASE LIMIT THESE TO UNDER 4:30! I will be randomizing the entries and placing first choice songs in a playlist.

8. Speaking of choices, pick 3 songs to do during the event and send them to me. Please indicate which songs are your first and second round choices, as well as a third one for flexibility (More on that later). I don’t mind repeats, but if it gets to be more than 3 people have submitted the same song for either choice, I will probably email you and ask you to choose a new song.

Okay, you’ve signed up and sent in your songs, how will this event work?!

1. The first round consists of all entrants performing their first choice song. At the completion of the round, the staff judges will narrow down the pool to the top 6.

2. The top 6 will then perform their second choice song, of which we will make a playlist as quick as possible in a random order. The audience chooses the top 2 from there.

3. After the top 2 are once again randomized, they will have the option of performing either song from the previous round again, or they can choose to perform the third song submitted. Once those songs are chosen by the top 2, they will be placed in a new playlist and performed in that randomized order.

4.The audience votes on who wins from there. In cases of a too close to call, we will silence the room before each vote.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! If you’ve ever seen Lip Sync Battle segments on Jimmy Fallon or the show on Spike, you know they go all out with props and overall energy put into their songs.

If you have any questions, please send an email to