Anime Mid-Atlantic 18


Karaoke contestants can check-in at the Cosplay table on first floor from 1pm-5pm. Anyone able to swing by the table can still email their mp3 to

We also have a few slots still available! anyone who wants to sign up can also do so in person from 1pm-5pm at the cosplay table.

Anime Mid-Atlantic Karaoke 2018 is about to roll out! Will you be joining us? Dust off your best anime and game songs and perform in front of your fellow attendees for a chance at some really cool prizes!

Or if you're feeling especially daring, sign up for Nightmare Mode -- where we choose the song! Our staff have some pretty weird taste in anime, so you never know what you'll get. It won't be easy, but we know our awesome singers are up to the challenge!

This year, if we have any remaining time before the room closes, we will also have open mic karaoke -- our staff will have some songs on hand for people to choose from and sing non-competitively before we close out the room for the evening. We will not be taking advance sign-ups for this as we won't know until the end of the night if there will be time. But stick around until the end, because there might be a chance to have a go at our little catalogue!

How It Goes

Karaoke sign-ups are, as always, online, and there will be a set number of entries so we can keep to our time slot. You will be asked to come to the karaoke table early with your music to check in and test your music conveyance of choice. Unless you let us know in advance that you will be running late, you will have until the beginning of karaoke to check in -- though we don't recommend it, since the later you are, the less chance we'll have to make sure your music works.

We will be accepting on-site sign-ups IF WE DO NOT FILL UP. This is a very slim possibility, so your best bet is to sign up online. We are willing to fill empty spots, but we are not able to add people on to an already full line-up. If you're willing to take that chance, bring your music with you, but also be aware that someone else may be singing your first choice.

As in previous years, you will also be allowed to send your music early. You're not required to, but it's saved a lot of people's bacon in previous years. Our preferred format when you bring it to us on-site is mp3, though CDs (data or audio) are also fine. iPods are a risky business because of formatting. MP3s on flash drives make our tech guy smile.

We are not accepting acapella or instrumental performances without special arrangement in advance. Because the nature of these performances is inherently different to karaoke, they would only be performed as show pieces and not eligible for judging.

Once you're signed up, you'll get an e-mail with everything you need to know.



Karaoke Contact

Additional questions can be sent to the
Karaoke Coordinator


Karaoke Table

The Cosplay Table


Karaoke Schedule

Friday evening


What Can You Sing?

1. Anime, and live-action series songs (yes, this includes super sentai and other tokusatsu). This includes drama CDs, image songs, insert songs, etc. Please let us know the source of the song on the form.

2. Video game songs. Again, please let us know the source. (Yes, this includes eroge, I guess.)

3. Vocaloid songs -- provided they're 'canon.' What constitutes a 'canon' Vocaloid song? I'm pretty sure we all know at this point.

4. For fairness across the board to our singers who are learning songs in other languages, please refrain from using songs/rewrites from English localizations. It doesn't matter if the original lyrics are in Japanese, English, German, Latin, Russian, Gablish, etc. Just stick to it. You can use a cheat sheet, so you're not obligated to memorize unless you want to!

5. Have a second/third choice in mind, in case someone has signed up earlier with your first choice. You're not required to submit your other choices as part of your form; just be ready.

6. If you're still unsure of your choice, feel free to contact us beforehand.


Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Mode is in its third year! The karaoke staff have picked two songs, and we're offering you the chance to sing them as part of our halftime show.

The catch? We're not telling you what they are until after you've signed up.

Pick Nightmare Mode: Male or Nightmare Mode: Female on the form to throw yourself into the fray. Once you've signed up, we'll send you the mp3, a karaoke mp3, and a lyrics sheet.

These songs may be obscure. They may be difficult. They may be downright weird. But if you sing, you are an automatic winner and will get a special mystery prize just for being brave. So give it a go. How hard can it be?

Open Mic Karaoke

This year, we're beta-testing a new way to close out the night. If there's time remaining between when we've given out the awards and when we need to empty out the room, we'll turn the mic over to non-competitive entries -- and we might even have a few tracks of our own on hand to choose from! People who did not compete over the course of the evening will get priority. Open mic will be free-form and will not have advance sign-up.

Again, this will only happen if there's time, which varies from year to year. If there's no time at the end of the night, we'll try again next year. But if there is, and watching our competing singers has made you want to try a song out yourself, give it a go!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What format should we bring our files in?
MP3s are absolutely the best! Bring them on a flash drive when you check in and we can grab them, put them on the Official Karaoke Laptop, and hand the drive back to you right there. This also helps us have everything ready to go in advance. Our laptop runs Windows 10, so if you bring in an iPod/iPhone, bear in mind that it may not work.

2. What happens if I sign up for Nightmare Mode but end up opting out or not being able to attend?
If we're given a decent amount of forewarning, we will open it up on the form again. If we're not -- one of our staff will have to sing it and the prize will go back to the prize vault.

3. I don't have the song memorized. Can I use a cheat sheet?
Yes! Absolutely! Do whatever you need to feel comfortable.

4. Can I sing along with the regular version of my song instead of a karaoke track?
Absolutely! Whether it's because you can't find a karaoke track or because you're more comfortable with having the melody line there for reference, we're fine with it. Just make sure you sing loud enough that we can hear you!

5. Are duets okay?
Duets and groups (up to a point -- don't mob the stage) are fine. If you are part of a duet or group, though, you can't compete again separately. Bear in mind, though, that the prizes we get may not be easily divisible, and we have a limited amount of goodies, so you'll need to decide between yourselves who gets what.

6. Can I have props/set dressing/non-singing people onstage for my song? What about dancing?
Within reason. Our space isn't the size of, say, the masquerade, so try to avoid putting on anything particularly epic. A couple props, a chair, a 'prop' character with you, that's fine. (Incidentally, if you're someone's 'prop' and you don't sing at all, that does not preclude you from competing -- it's just if you're actually singing.) Re: dancing, do so at your own discretion. We usually have at least one wireless mic, but we can't guarantee that from year to year, so assume that anything you do onstage will have to be done with a microphone wire underfoot just in case.

7. Can I cosplay?
Yes! We'd love you to! You're not obligated to, but you certainly may. Also, if your song and a cosplay go together and you don't finish your cosplay in time, please don't let that discourage you from going on. Your song will be just as awesome even in regular clothes!

8. What if I want to change my song after I've signed up?
There are a lot of reasons to need to change a song -- your duet partner had to duck out, it was tougher than you thought, etc. If you feel a need to change it up, please email us and let us know, but bear in mind that you run the risk of your song already being taken. Also, please try not to do this in, like, the last week before the con.

9. I want to participate but I haven't chosen my song yet. Can I just sign up now and let you know my song choice later?
No. Please sign up with at least some choice of song ready. This helps us get the roster set up more quickly. Any sign-ups without a song choice will be thrown out.

10. Will you be using a karaoke machine with lyrics on screen and songs to choose from? I saw that at another con.
Sadly, we do not have those resources. It'd be rad, but you'll need to bring your own music and either memorize your lyrics or bring a cheat sheet.

11. I want to do a special non-competitive performance during halftime/judging. Who do I talk to about that?
Our Nightmare Mode entries are our 'halftime show,' so that spot is taken. However, if you are a guest or performer at the con and this would be tied to your appearance at the event, please contact me at Sadly, we cannot guarantee performance time for anyone who does not contact us in advance of the event.