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Aaron Roberts


Aaron Roberts

Aaron provides the voices for Uta in Tokyo Ghoul, Grimsby Keane in Black Butler, Samuel in Fairy Tail, Howard Link in D. Gray-man, Klaus Lunettes in Black Clover, Yoshikazu Aihara in Starblazers 2199, Urie Sogami in Dance With Devils, Kamui Woods in My Hero Academia, Barbero in 91 Days, and Hit in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 video game.

Nominated for 2014 Breakthrough Voice Actor of the Year by Behind The Voice Actors, Aaron Roberts scored his first big role as Sunny in Toriko: Gourmet Hunter. Having provided voices for over 200 anime series, he’s been featured in such roles as Saitaisai in Saiyuki Reload Blast, Wilhelm Ehrenberg in Dies Irae, Mino in Sakura Quest, Michael the Archangel in High School DxD, Hideki Tama in Evangelion 3.0, Lacus Welt in Seraph of the End, Natsuhiko Koyama in Assassination Classroom, Cody Balfour in Gangsta., and Mamoru in Kamisama Kiss. You may have also heard him in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Smite, Paladins, Attack On Titan, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Code: Breaker, One Piece, Daimadaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Divine Gate, Eureka Seven AO, Ghost in The Shell: The New Movie, Haganai, Maken-Ki! Battling Venus 2, Mitchiko & Hatchin, Ninja Slayer, No-Rin, Nobunagun, Noragami Aragoto, Tokyo ESP, Unbreakable Machine-Doll, First Love Monster, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., All Out!!, and Drifters.

Since receiving his BFA in Theatre from Southern Methodist University, Aaron has been a celebrated actor for the stage and screen in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and working in all areas of production for almost 17 years.



Dino Andrade


Dino Andrade

Voice actor Dino Andrade is probably best known to video game fans as THE SCARECROW from BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and BATMAN: ARKHAM UNDERWORLD. Dino is also known as the voice behind PROFESSOR PUTRICIDE, MIMIRON, HIGH TINKERER MEKKATORQUE, THE MAD BOMBER, THE DEATH KNIGHT GNOMES and more from WORLD OF WARCRAFT & HEARTHSTONE!

Anime/gamer fans know him for his starring roles as KENSHIN in SENGOKU BASARA and RAGOU in TALES OF VESPERIA, as well as his guest appearances in HELLSING ULTIMATE and GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX. Additionally, Andrade has lent his voice to such high-profile properties as DISHONORED 2, PREY, STAR TREK ONLINE, GOLDIE & BEAR, SOPHIA THE 1st, SHIMMER AND SHINE, CALL OF DUTY, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: NEVERWINTER, BRUTAL LEGEND, GUITAR HERO, POCKET GOD and NERF-N-STIKE.

Online Dino recently starred at DUTCH THE DOG on GET MY GOAT for the DREAMWORKSTV YouTube Channel. On television Dino has provided sound-a-likes for both the short-lived CBS series $H*! MY DAD SAYS and ABC’s JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. Dino has also been heard in both radio and television campaigns for KELLOG’S RICE KRISPIES as the iconic voice of POP of Snap, Crackle and Pop fame!



Neo Atomic Motor


Neo Atomic Motor

KOUJI: Vocal, Electric / Acoustic Guitar & Programming
KEN: Electric / Acoustic Bass Guitar & Support Vocal
AYATO: Drums & Percussion

Neo Atomic Motor (NAM) is where sonic beauty and chaos exist together. With powerful electric guitar leads, unyielding bass lines, engaging vocals, enticing melodies, digital sound effects and hard-hitting live drum patterns, NAM uses the dynamics of hard and soft sounds to lead the listener to a new sense of euphoria. Formed in 2002, NAM is comprised of 3 trend setting edgy musicians, Kouji on lead guitar and Vocals, Ken on Bass and Ayato on drums. All three have performed with many of Japan's greatest superstars and pop acts. Together they create a unique ear bending stylized brand of high energy Electro-Synth Hard Rock sound.

A live NAM show is energetic, hard-edged and full of passion. On stage their trendsetting cool looks combine with awesome live instrumentation giving the audience both a sonic as well as visual live performance. With each show Ken goes in on his bass, Ayato gets your heart pounding and feet jumping with his drums and Kouji projects his passion with each vocal and electrifying guitar riff. It is no wonder that they are constantly playing shows in Japan.

Along with constant performances, NAM has released two successful albums in Japan and a well received EP in the U.S. that led to their 2016 U.S. promotional tour. NAM has also participated in many outside projects including the theme song "N-field-" for the 2011 movie "Imada's Detective Agency" and having their track “Be Naked” used as Japanese Pro Wrestler, Akira Tozawa’s theme song and having it added to the New Century Pro-Wrestling Dragon Gate Wrestlers & Unit Theme Compilation Album "OPEN THE MUSIC GATE 2010.

The amazing energy and mind-blowing sound that is unleashed by Neo Atomic Motor is an aural and visual experience that can’t be missed.


Edo Bushido featuring: Asheru, Substantial and DJ AAROCK


Edo Bushido

Take a musical journey from Japan to the Boondocks with Substantial: A pioneer of the sonic art form of Jazz Hop who’s critically acclaimed debut album To This Union A Sun Was Born (Hyde Out Productions) was mostly produced by the late legendary producer Nujabes (Samurai Champloo), and 2nd album Sacrifice, landed him on MTV, BET & VH1. Ever growing, Sub’s 3rd album, Home Is Where The Art Is was released by Mello Music Group in 2012, and had this to say, “you need this in your life if you’re a lover of hip-hop.” Asheru: A formative underground Hip Hop artist, educator, and youth activist that is widely known as one half of legendary late 90’s, early 2000’s underground Hip Hop group, Unspoken Heard, is a veteran who went on to perform and release several solo projects, and famously wrote and performed the popular opening theme Judo Flip for the popular TV series, The Boondocks, along with other musical contributions to the show, and became the first hip hop artist to receive the prestigious Peabody award. Then there is DJ AAROCK: A world traveling DJ, producer and illustrator who has shared the stage with numerous international singers and hip hop artists, produced The Returners EP album for Megaran and Phill Harmonix and is a master on the Decks of Steel who cuts, chops and mixes his way through various forms of East meets West tracks to take his listeners on a sonic adventure.

Together they form Edo Bushido a mind-blowing mixture of Japanese and Afrocentric cultures set to hip hop beats, vibes and eastern themes proving how close these worlds are to each other.



Dynamic Duchess Cosplay


Dynamic Duchess Cosplay

Welcome to Dynamic Duchess Cosplay. Dynamic Duchess Cosplay is an east coast cosplayer as well as an avid gamer and diehard anime fan. You’ll catch her as several RWBY characters, primarily the villains. Dynamic Duchess enjoys streaming Overwatch, spending time with her pets, and planning wicked cool costumes!



Charles Dunbar


Charles Dunbar (also known by his internet handle "Anime Anthropologist") is a graduate of Hunter College of the City University of New York, where he received his BA in Anthropology and Religion in 2004, and an MA in Sociocultural Anthropology in 2010. His fieldwork of the past 2 years has revolved around anime convention participation, including perceptions, misconceptions, stereotyping, spending habits and convention culture. He's also addicted to the works of Hayao Miyazaki and has an obsession with mythology and folklore, especially where gods, ghost stories and shinigami are concerned. He currently rambles about these things on his website, Study of Anime.


Robert Axelrod


Robert Axelrod has carved a career in show business that runs the gamut. Born and raised in New York City, he did commercials and theater as a child and teen, eventually ending up in the Soho Avant-garde Theater scene in a show called “Little Trips”, then Off-Broadway in a play called “The Destroyers”. Axelrod left acting for the world of music. He spent eight years as a working rock musician playing electric bass and singing in folk, rock, and soul bands. Music brought him to Los Angeles where he decided to return to acting, a decision he never regrets.

Since then, Mr. Axelrod has appeared in over thirty feature films including four with Charles Bronson, the Sci-Fi hit remake “The Blob” with Kevin Dillon and many others. Television appearances include guest star roles on “Amazing Stories”, “Star Trek Voyager”, “Tim And Eric’s Awesome Show”, and “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He also starred in the Michael Jackson music video “Stranger in Moscow”, and is in the soon-to-be-released horror dark comedy, “The Revenant”.

Mr. Axelrod is also a busy voice over artist. He is the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster on the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. The Lord Zedd voice is one of the most recognizable character voices around. He voiced Armadillomon and Wizardmon on “Digimon, Microchip, The Punisher’s sidekick, on “Spiderman”, Rico on “Robotech”, and has voiced countless Anime features including “Akira”, “The Big O”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Brain Scratch”, et al. As Lord Zedd, he starred in both the first Power Rangers feature film and the wildly popular live show that toured the country. He was a regular character on Saban Entertainment’s “Wowser” series (as Ratso Catso), “Journey To The Heart of the World” (as Scarface), “Hallo Spencer” (as Elmer), and more. He just finished narrating the mockumentary “Safety First: The Rise of Women and voicing four Anime series, “Gaiking”, “Danguard Ace”, “Captain Horlock”, “The Adventures of Nadja”, and “Fist of the North Star”.



Gregory Houser


Grey Houser

Greg joined the voice acting ranks through his background in IT and Engineering (no, seriously). Earning advanced degrees from Pennsylvania State University and studying drama with the Walnut St. Theatre, the Wilma Theatre, and the People's Improv Theatre. His agent told him that he had a face for radio, and he's been a cautionary tale of "how not to be a voice actor" ever since.

Greg has been performing behind the mic for over 17 years providing vocal talent for companies such as AstraZenica, American Express, Banfield Pet Hospitals, DuPont, Lockheed Martin, CBS, Honda of America, Virgin Mobile, PetSmart, and the NBA, among others. In the anime world, he's had the privilege to be cannon fodder for titles such as "Evangelion", "Ikki Tousen", "One Piece", "Shiki", and "Tales of Vesperia".

To learn more about Greg, visit or @ghouser on Twitter. We think FaceBook may have a restraining order... (he's actually on there as well).


Gregory Houser


Lord Ramirez


Lord Ramriez

Not easily missed with his outrageous outfits, Lord Ramirez is a presenter and educator at many Sci Fi, Anime, and Alternative conventions across the U.S. As a professional actor and stage combatant, he has dazzled crowds at Renaissance fairs, Busch gardens, and was a lead cast member in a show at Caesars' casino in Atlantic City. He is also a former open professional ballroom dance finalist, teacher, and adjudicator In the realm of steam he is no stranger! He has been all over the east coast teaching about steampunk culture and costuming as well as holding and hosting "Steampunk Teas".

While he has actively retired from "professional cosplay", (He has won numerous costuming awards and cash prizes for his costuming and makeup) Lord Ramirez has an active interest in teach the next generation of cosplayers all the tips and tricks he has learned to make your visions into reality!

Having studied Japanese martial arts from age five, he has developed a lifelong passion for Japanese culture. He has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics in regards to Japanese history, religion, and activities. He has been teaching these panels and workshops at conventions all over that country.

At conventions, his topics vary wildly from costuming and makeup, dance, and classes on Japanese culture. You never know what he will teach next. But one thing is certain weird, strange, and fun, you can bet Lord Ramirez will have some knowledge to share!


Facebook - Lord Ramirez


Lori Ransom


Lori Ransom

L.G. Ransom, the author of Hollin's Heir and Conquering Mount Ta-Ta, was born in Miami, Florida but grew up living in various countries around the world including Europe and the British West Indies.

She is an accomplished artist who’s computer art and canvasses have graced the cover of many books, including her own. She has recently expanded her canvass paintings to include custom works of hockey players.

She’s a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a photographer, a hockey mom, a lifetime girl scout. Mrs. Ransom lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C. with her husband, two completely fabulous teenagers, a very spoiled Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and their evil Siamese cat which she believes plots to kill them in their sleep.

L.G.'s next installment of the Sentinel Dawn Series: Legacy of Hollin, releases June 15th, 2018 with a pre-release event at Escape Velocity 2018 on May 25th. Book III in the series: Princess Hollin, is being completed now and she has finished the first draft of a prequel series to Sentinel Dawn titled The Gods of Annon.




Todd Rogers


Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers a Chicago native is history's first paid pro video game player. Todd is recognized throughout the world for his astounding world records setting scores including the longest standing held world record of 32 yrs. on the classic Activision title Dragster, The longest marathoned nonstop game for 85hrs on the Atari 2600 Journey Escape, and for having the widest variety of world record titles on 24 unique different gaming platforms classic and Modern this is how Todd earned his title from the media as The King of Video Games.

He has competed at live events pitted against such celebrities such as: Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Bruce Jenner, Chuck Norris, Vanna White, Marina Sirtis, and many more he has never lost against any celebrity that he played against. Currently living in Central Florida he plays for various charities on a "beat the champ" contests where proceeds go to help benefit which ever charity he is playing for.

Todd has appeared in numerous books and magazines including Guinness Book of world records, How to master Home video games, Money Magazine, JoyStik Magazine Chief Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. His movie appearances include Chasing Ghosts beyond the arcade, The King of Kong a Fist full of quarters, Goldie Hawn's Wild Cats, The Video Craze, & Bonus Life: Extended Play.

He has also illustrated for Gary Gygax's role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) in the mid-80s. Todd's artistic influences were Prince Planet, Speed Racer and The Incredible Hulk. Released earlier this year Todd was included in the Twin Galaxies collector trading card series set that is being sold.

In 2010 he was inducted into the Video Gaming Hall of Fame in recognition for his influence in the gaming industry. Being a part of the U.S. National Video Game Team back in 1986 Todd has rubbed shoulders with many video gaming developers and has changed how competitive gaming is viewed and played by the public.


Facebook - Todd Rogers


Chisuji Studios


Leo Saunders

Original Artist – Code Name: Leo “The BitMonkey” Saunders

Occupation: “Systemized Organic War Machine”………and part-time hack artist

Current Mission: Finding his attention span long enough to complete art work

Like most children born in the 70’s, Leo Saunders was one of many European experimental government attempts at creating a new breed of soldier…They failed miserably! What was produced however was a towering inhumanly strong man-child with an odd fixation with the drawing and animated mediums of this thing most people call “ART”.

A nineteen year veteran of East Coast Anime, Comic, and SciFi conventions, Leo Saunders has seen a lot, and a good portion of it he wishes he could unsee. However, that has not quelled in the slightest his love and admiration for all things animated, nerdy, geeky and just plain weird.

Leo Saunders has always had a love for art and, one of these days by his own account, will make it his one and only job. An avid student of the arts and self -proclaimed ‘hack of a cartoonist’, he tends to dip his hands into anything and everything in the media of illustration. In lieu have having his dream job of sitting at home and drawing all day, he more than gladly settles for the continuing adventure that has been convention season and returning to Katsucon, now one of the old fogies that he used to make fun of. Karma is a cruel mistress.


Eirik Blackwolf

Original Writer / Creator – Code Name: Eirik Blackwolf

Occupation: “Weekend Warrior” ….and sometimes jaded writer

Current Mission: Trying to ride herd on himself and an art team to get stuff done!

Born in the wilds of L.A. (the part of Florida called ‘lower Alabama” by some) and barely escaping the roving gangs of wild homoredneckus, he traveled to Europe with the U.S. Military in 1985 to live the life of excitement and adventure for 10 years abroad where he honed his writing skills by finding clever ways to trick his superiors into believing he actually did something useful. It wasn’t until his return to the States in 1997 that he encountered Leo at a convention where the collaboration of Chisuji was formed by persuading the prankish artist to play as Johnnie Cochran in a cosplay where the Chewbacca defense was used in order for Kagato to legally sue to have possession of the Master Key. And so from there, the ideas for the webcomic were formed, bringing the two together on many trials and tribulations to this day…


Amy Howard Wilson and David G. Wilson, III


Amy Howard Wilson David Wilson

Born in Detroit on May 28, 1955, proud graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City - Class of '75. In 1979, I was working in the front office of the Weist-Barron School, when I heard about auditions for the English dub for a new Japanese animated series, which would eventually come to be known as Star Blazers. I had the honor of being cast to dub the voice of Nova (Mori Yuki) for Season 1 - The Quest For Iscandar and Season 2 - The Comet Empire.

Years later, I met a long time fan, Jeff Thompson, who very kindly asked me to dub the voice of Miranda in The Rules of Being 16 episode of The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA for RightStuf, Int'l.

In 1998, I met the man who would become my husband, David G. Wilson, III - at a con, of course! Born and raised in Georgia, a devotee of anime since before it was known as anime, and known as Dave the Third to his friends! With a passion for Japanese culture and history, Dave is especially keen on "old school" anime. He delights in sharing stories and memories of the special days gone by, when changing the channel meant getting up and walking across the room! We were married on October 14, 2000 and now share a beautiful home in Virginia with 5 fabulous felines.

Since 2002, I've been recording and producing audio books in my home studio and I've formed a family friendly, full service audio production company called Studio V.O.I.C.E., and coined a new title CVO (Chief Vocal Officer!). Please visit my website


Greg Wicker


Greg Wicker (or "Greggo" as he's fondly known) has been producing and hosting game shows at anime conventions since 1999, when he premiered Anime Match Game at Project A-Kon in Dallas. Since then, Greggo has done anime-themed versions of several classic game shows, created a few games of his own, and even had an original project that very nearly turned into an actual television show on Anime Network. These days Greggo is concentrating on perfecting his craft and making game shows available for conventions everywhere, bringing his rapier wit and friendly personality with him wherever he goes.





A graphic artist working in comics and video games.  He has published two comics and has worked in anthology books.  He has several flash games at and has worked on XNA and Nintendo DS titles.


Haze Studios


Caffeine & Ink Publishing


Caffeine & Ink is a boutique-publishing firm, producing powerful and immersive titles in the genres of fantasy, horror, and specifically, science fiction. They are a heavily awarded and nominated producer of books in various categories for titles such as, I Think? No, I’m Sure…God Hates Me, Hollin’s Heir, Rhest for the Wicked, Rockaiju, Winkie and the Sunflower, and their illustrations for Dirty Blood, and Tommy and the Witch Who Lived in a Tree. Caffeine & Ink, aside from publishing novels for young adults has delivered into the market three children’s books and will in 2018 and 2019 release their highly anticipated graphic novel titles: Dirty Blood and Skullboys. They have a long history with Anime Mid-Atlantic and are excited to return in 2018, leading a variety of panels and workshops to help educate AMA’s attendees on the publishing industry.


Caffeine & Ink Publishing