Anime Mid-Atlantic 18


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Come out and strut your stuff on our runway in the Anime Mid-Atlantic Cosplay Fashion Show on Friday night. Wear your handmade costume to have fun and be judged. We have multiple categories available to compete in and depending on your costume; you could be able to compete in up to three different categories and our illustrious Special Guest Cosplay Award.

There will be a practice time later on Friday afternoon so you can learn how to walk like a fashion model and to practice for the runway. We will accept up to 40 sign ups online and will make available an additional 25 sign ups at the convention. Sign up times are from TBA on Friday.

Training and Practice Session

There will be a training class on fashion show etiquette with basic instruction on walk/stop/turns. The session will also be open to those who want to practice. Session will be held in Main Events at TBA on Friday for 45 minutes.


The event will have 5 judges total. 4 regular judges and the judge for the Special Guest Cosplay Award.


This event will be schedule for a 90 min block to allow overrun but should be completed with 75 minutes. Main part of show should last no more than about 45 minutes to an hour and awards will take up the last part. Event will occur on Friday evening after opening ceremonies. TBD


When signing up to participant in the Fashion Show, you can choose up to three categories: