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It's time again for to get dressed as your favorite character and let the voting begin! This contest is open to anyone in a costume who would like to have his/her image posted at our Cosplay Table for a weekend ballot, the winners selected by our convention attendees! Here are the Guidelines/Rules for the event:

Fan Favorite Costume Contest Rules / Guidelines

1. You must be in a COSTUME! All genres are accepted.

2. You may NOT enter the Fan Favorite Contest with a costume that is used to compete at ANY of Anime Mid-Atlantic's other Cosplay contests. This includes the Masquerade, the Hall Costume Contest and the Cosplay Fashion Show.

3. Registration and a photo of your costume will be taken at the Cosplay Table. Entries will be accepted on Friday night TBA and Saturday morning TBA.

4. Photos will be posted Saturday afternoon at the official Cosplay Table. A ballot box will be at the Table for convention attendees to cast their votes during the weekend.

5. Awards will be announced for the top three Fan Favorite costumes during Closing Ceremonies on Sunday.

6. Digital copies of the winners will be posted on our Anime Mid-Atlantic website after the convention.

Fan Favorite Costume Contest
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Fan Favorite
Costume Contest

Friday June 15


Saturday June 16


Sunday June 17

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