Anime Mid-Atlantic 2014 will host two dances in the Main Events room of the Chesapeake Conference Center on Friday and Saturday nights.

Friday Night Cosplay Costume Dance

Friday 11PM - Main Events

Anime Mid-Atlantic is excited to announce that DJ Kakumei X will return for AMA 14. The Friday Night Dance has become our costume dance party. Cosplay and dance as your favorite character (completely optional) and have fun on the dance floor. Don't miss it!

Saturday Night Dance

Saturday 11PM - Main Events

The earth will shake, and the roof will explode! DJ's Rob Lantz & Jesse James Felice are back! This year at Sat- urday night's dance, they'll conclude their elecTRONic Mayhem trilogy, aptly titled "Legacy." Chairman of Anime News Network calls it "really awesome", Voice Actor Travis Willingham calls it "a very impressive production value." Jesse and Rob view this event as a way to say a very heartfelt thank you to those that have been in atten- dance at their shows for the past 3 AMA's. Returning this year as their guest DJ is a man some say isn't a man at all, some say he's the missing 3rd member of Daft Punk, all we know is...he's called The Stig!

DJ Jesse James Felice

Felice Entertainment The voyage into DJing began for Jesse in 2002, he's performed at clubs, conventions, weddings, and burlesque shows. A few convention performances include AUSA, Zenkaikon, Katsucon, T-Mode, and for the 4th straight year at AMA. Jesse & fellow DJ Rob Lantz will conclude their elecTRONic Mayhem trilogy at AMA; aptly titled "Legacy" A few of his accolades include an invitation to tour with a DJ that's been involved with Tiesto & Eric Prydz, as well as having been reviewed by Paul Oakenfold's singer Suzie Del Vecchio, in short she had this to say "Jesse's work is beautiful". Author Robert V. Aldrich writes "Jesse's work is a vibrant reminder of the beauty of music. It's an ebbing, flowing piece; a dialogue & exploration that DJ and audience take together, perfectly set so that the music becomes a modem for a larger, grander experience. Any fan of music owes it to themselves to check him out.

DJ Rob Lantz

DJ Rob LantzSome say he's hosted uncountable Cos-plays without saying a word, others say he took it to 11 having DJ'd for more than 20 convention dances all over the east coast.....all we know is, he's not the Stig, he's Rob Lantz. Since 1995 Rob has spun the wheels of steel at Katsucon, Nekocon, Otakon, AUSA, and of course AMA; this being his 3rd straight year. Evolving from cassette tapes and records to modern CDs and digital music files, his style is an odd mix of traditional club mixes, video game remixes and of course, Anime Music. Believing that the sound of music and the feeling of the dance floor is all that matters, Rob has over the years mixed dance contests, live performances, crazy stunts and interactive pieces into his dances. Keeping the floor moving is all he's about.