Anime Mid-Atlantic 18

What Membership to Anime Mid-Atlantic Means

  1. Upon acceptance of membership to Anime Mid-Atlantic, all members become responsible for their own personal liability. Members assume all risks with respect to the dangers incidental to Anime Mid-Atlantic.
  2. Membership Badges are required for entry into Anime Mid-Atlantic and all events related to it and must be visible at all times. Membership Badges are non-replaceable, non-refundable, and non-transferable.
  3. Acceptance of a Membership Badge constitutes consent to the use of the wearer's image or likeness in any recording, transmission, or reproduction of Anime Mid-Atlantic for use by Anime Mid-Atlantic for any promotional use or otherwise.
  4. Failure to comply with the published rules of Anime Mid-Atlantic, including disruptive or inappropriate behavior, will result in the revocation of Membership and ejection from Anime Mid-Atlantic. Anime Mid-Atlantic may revoke membership and eject anyone from the convention at anytime for any reason without a refund.

Convention Tips

  1. Please drink water and stay hydrated. Anime Mid-Atlantic occurs in the summer so water is even more needed to keep the body running well. There are water stations set up all around the convention so make use of them.
  2. Get some sleep. The convention will still be there in the morning. Non-animated, mere mortals need to sleep. We recommend that you should try and get at least 6 hours of sleep each night of the convention to help you function each day and to make the most of your convention experience.
  3. Make sure you eat. We recommend you eat at least 2 meals per day during the convention. You need to keep your energy up so you can enjoy the convention and have fun.
  4. Please take at least one shower each day. If not for yourself, then do it for the rest of us. No one likes body odor in close spaces. Besides, it will make you feel better and wake you up.
  5. Snack when you can between meals. This will help you keep your energy up and let you function better. You want to be at your best for the convention.

General Convention Rules

  1. Follow requests and directions of Anime Mid-Atlantic and the Norfolk Waterside Marriott hotel staff.
  2. Anime Mid-Atlantic and Norfolk Waterside Marriott are not responsible for personal items. Unattended and lost items will be turned over to proper authorities (Operations, Facility Management, Norfolk Police Department, Virginia State Police).
  3. If you are in Artist Alley and you need to leave your table, for an event, please move your items to your hotel room or ask a fellow artist to watch your table while you are gone. Please do not leave your items unattended. Anime Mid-Atlantic and Norfolk Waterside Marriott hotel is not responsible for lost material.
  4. Appropriate attire is required at all times, including shoes, pants/shorts/skirts, and shirts/tops, etc. If your mother would not approve, please do not wear.
  5. Lining up is permitted no earlier than 2 hours prior for general events, and 45 minutes prior to autograph sessions. Documented disabled persons, Guests of honor, Staff, and VIPS are not required to stand in line for events.
  6. Possession or consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the event space in the Norfolk Waterside Marriott hotel.
  7. The legal drinking age in Virginia is 21 years of age. Anyone under legal age found drinking or intoxicated will be reported to Facility Management and the Norfolk Police Department.
  8. Smoking is not permitted in the Norfolk Waterside Marriott due to building rules.
  9. Theft, assault, drug use, and any other illegal activities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and will be reported to the Norfolk Police.
  10. Discrimination and/or harassment of any form will not be tolerated. Mistreatment of other convention attendees or guests will not be tolerated.
  11. Lewd or aggressive conduct will not be tolerated.
  12. Do not hinder or obstruct the flow of foot traffic within the convention areas.
  13. Do not touch or alter convention audio/visual equipment.
  14. Individuals may be asked to remove large or unwieldy bags, props, or other accessories from the convention areas.
  15. Any other infraction or problem deemed an issue by Anime Mid-Atlantic Staff.
  16. Attendees staying in the hotel should respect all hotel guests. Remember, there may be non-convention guests trying to get a good night's rest or who may be eating in the restaurant.
  17. Parties are not allowed in hotel room per Marriott rules. If you have people in your room late and it gets too noisy, the hotel staff may ask you to lower the volume. Failure to comply with hotel staff could have you removed from the hotel room.
  18. Food is not permitted at all in the Main Events or Video Gaming Room.
  19. Please respect the hotel property and please do not damage it. This can reflect badly on you and on the convention and may cause additional charges to the convention and those involved.
  20. Do not hang Banners or Signs on the walls or surfaces of the hotel.
  21. Please do not sleep in open hotel areas. Please go to your room to rest.

Props Policy

  1. Real weapons are banned in the convention areas, regardless if they are functional or not, per Norfolk City Regulations and Virginia State General Laws.
  2. Live Steel is banned from any convention areas. This means no metal related props.
  3. All fake and prop guns must have an orange tip, whether glued plastic or painted.
  4. All prop weapons must be inspected and peace-bonded each day of the convention.
  5. Prop Inspection area will be available in the hotel. Location to be announced.
  6. Other props may be required to be inspected and peace-bonded by Anime Mid-Atlantic Security, at the discretion of Anime Mid-Atlantic staff.
  7. Unapproved items must be removed from convention areas.
  8. Fake guns and other prop weapons should not be carried outside the convention and hotel property. The Norfolk Police Department will treat anyone carrying realistic looking weapons as such.
  9. Members who do not comply with these policies or are deemed repeat offenders will be subject to removal from convention areas.

Autograghy Policy

  1. Members may not line up for autograph sessions more than 45 minutes prior to start due to limiting any potential traffic issues.
  2. Staff may end the line prematurely if numbers become unmanageable.
  3. Members are limited to two items for signing per each guest, unless otherwise stated.
  4. Photos are allowed at the discretion of the guest.
  5. Audio Visual Recordings are not allowed so that the line can move along and everyone can have a chance to get their autographs.
  6. >Going behind the guest's table is not allowed.

Dance Policy

  1. No bottles (glass or plastic) or cans are allowed. Water is provided.
  2. Bags, purses, and backpacks of any kind are not allowed.
  3. Props are not allowed.
  4. Break dancing, hooping, and stringing may only be done in specified areas of the dance floor.
  5. No moshing is allowed.
  6. Feet must be on the floor at all times and shoes must be worn.

Event Rules

Cosplayers and Costumes

Art Show

Personal Items

Prohibited Items

  1. Alcohol and illegal substances.
  2. Wheeled items (excluding mobility assistance devices), including but not limited to: Rollerblades, Skates, Skateboards, Wheelies, Scooters, and Bicycles.
  3. Nudity, Revealing and/or offensive attire.
  4. Signs of any kind. The only exception will be for cosplays where it can be proven that the character has a sign.
  5. Weapons, including: Knives, firearms, live steel (knives, swords, sharp items, etc), and other weapons.
  6. Real guns (working, disabled, or otherwise).
  7. Projectile weapons (pellet guns, air soft rifles, pistols, disc guns, paintball markers, water pistols, or other liquid capable "weapons," etc). The exception to this rule is when the item is filled with resin and no longer permanently functional.
  8. Whips.
  9. Any other potentially harmful weapons, prop, or item as determined by Anime Mid-Atlantic Security.
  10. Smoke or fog machines or similar devices.
  11. Laser pointers or similar devices. These items may not be used in public unless you are officially sanctioned to lead or present a convention seminar, panel, workshop, or other convention-sanctioned event.

Repercussions for Violations

Any of the following repercussions may occur for violations, subject to the discretion of Anime Mid-Atlantic and facility staffs.

  1. Verbal warning from Anime Mid-Atlantic or facility staffs.
  2. Removal of prohibited items from the convention areas.
  3. Ejection from convention premises and revocation of membership to Anime Mid-Atlantic without a refund.
  4. Barring or banning of membership or admittance to future Anime Mid-Atlantic events.
  5. Ejection from hotel facilities including guest rooms.
  6. Financial and legal responsibility for damages.
  7. Reporting to the Norfolk Police Department for illegal activities or substances.

Access to Convention Area and Events

  1. In order to enter convention events, you will need a convention badge. Please always wear your badge to show you can enter the areas.
  2. We do not replace lost badges. If you lose your badge, you will have to purchase a replacement badge at the regular price. Please do not forget to bring it if you are traveling back and forth from home each day to the event.
  3. Video or audio recording devices will not be allowed in the Art Show, Video Game Room, or Video Rooms due to copyright protections. Recording devices for concerts will be dependent on the concert event and the rules of the group performing

Tabletop Game Room Rules of Etiquette

Video Game Room Rules of Etiquette