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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Art Show Coordinator.

The Artist Registration form for the Art Show can be downloaded from the Artist Rules page.

Rules for Bidders

  1. You must register for a bidder number before placing any bids.
    If you would like to bid on a piece of art, you must first obtain a bidder number from the Art Show Staff. This requirement does include QUICK SALE items. To register for a bidder number, you must provide your contact information: legal name, nickname (if any), mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.
  2. Clearly print your name, bidder number and bid amount on the bid sheet.
    If no one can read what is written on the bid sheet, you risk having the bid being considered invalid. Bids without a bidder number will definitely be considered invalid
  3. Bids must be in whole dollar amounts.
    Trust us, it's easier for everyone. Bids must start at or above the minimum bid listed on the bid sheet. Successive bids must be greater than the previous bids. If all spaces on the bid sheet have been filled in, then that piece is going into the Voice Auction; no more bids may be written on the sheet.
    If the minimum bid is written as NFS, that item is Not-For-Sale. No bids are allowed on NFS items.
  4. Keep a tally of the art on which you have placed bids.
    Bidders will be provided with a checklist when they register for a bidder number. This checklist is for keeping track of your bids. Be serious about placing bids; don't get so carried away that you wind up bidding for and winning more artwork than you can actually afford. A bid is a legally binding agreement to buy the item if you are the highest bidder. The convention will track down buyers who haven’t paid for their art in order to collect the money owed.
  5. Bid retraction is NOT permitted.
    If you are not sure that you can pay for an item, for whatever reason, don't bid on it. In the event of an emergency that prevents your return to the convention, inform the Art Show Staff of the situation, and a bid retraction may be allowed. The Art Show Director has the final decision on whether a retraction is permitted.
    BUYER BEWARE: Read the item description on the bid sheet to be sure that you are bidding on the type of artwork (e.g., an original versus a print) that you in fact want to buy. If it is not what you expected, you still cannot retract your bid and you must pay for the item if you win the bid.
  6. Items with no other bids may be purchased for the Quick Sale price.
    Quick Sale is similar to the “Buy It Now” option on eBay. If an item has no bids and you want it badly enough and/or are only at the convention for one day, you can buy the artwork for the Quick Sale price listed on the bid sheet. Once an item receives a bid at or above minimum, but below Quick Sale, the Quick Sale price becomes invalid. If there is no Quick Sale price listed on the bid sheet, or the minimum bid is listed as NFS, then that item is not eligible for Quick Sale. If you choose the Quick Sale option, please inform a member of the Art Show Staff, who will then mark the bid sheet as “Sold”. You must pay for the item at the time the Quick Sale request is made. You will be given a receipt with which to later claim the item. We request that Quick Sold items remain in the Art Show until closing so that other attendees may see them; however, if you absolutely must have it right then and there, you may take the artwork upon payment. Quick sales will be allowed through Sunday before the Art Auction
  7. Payment for purchased artwork must be by cash or check.
    The Art Show does not accept credit cards. Personal checks should be made out to “Anime Mid-Atlantic”.
  8. Bidders may designate a proxy to pick up their purchases.
    Bidders who need to have their purchases picked up by another person must give that person a letter of permission. The letter must include the bidder number, the names of both the bidder and the proxy, and the bidder’s signature. The designated proxy must bring a valid photo ID, such as a driver's license or student ID. The proxy is then responsible for paying for the artwork on the bidder’s behalf
  9. Bidders who need to leave the convention early must make arrangements with the Art Show Staff.
    If you must catch that train, plane or automobile before the official pickup time on Sunday (namely, another person is providing your transportation and you have no other way of getting home), please notify the staff ASAP that you must leave early. We will then make arrangements for you to check out when the show opens on Sunday morning.
  10. Biding closes on Saturday 10PM.