Anime Mid-Atlantic 18

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The Art Show is where professional and amateur artists can showcase their anime, fantasy, and sci-fi-inspired works for convention attendees. Attendees are welcomed to browse the collected works. The Art Auction, on Sunday of the convention, is where attendees can bid on pieces in hopes of taking home some artwork.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Art Show Coordinator.

Bidder Rules and Artist Rules for the Art Show are now online. The Artist Registration form for the Art Show can be downloaded from the Artist Rules page.

Rules of Public Conduct

No Photography.
None, nada, zip. Video recording also falls under this prohibition. If you bring in a camera OF ANY KIND (including camera phones), and are seen using it, the Art Show Staff reserves the right to confiscate the camera because of copyright violation. Cameras may be checked at the Art Show Desk.

No Food or Drink.
If you have any food or drink with you, please finish consuming it outside the Art Show before entering. You risk the wrath of both the Art Show Staff and the artists, should you damage any work by spillage. Drinks may be checked at the Art Show Desk if absolutely necessary.

No Smoking.
Smoking in the room is a fire code violation and irritates the oxygen-breathers attending the convention.

Do Not Touch Any of the Artwork.
For 3-D artwork, if the artist has made a note or sign allowing and/or inviting you to touch the art, and the artist has made the Art Show staff aware of this permission, only then are you allowed to touch that art.
For 2-D artwork, you may touch the matting or frame (since that is where the bid sheets are attached), but NOT the picture itself.

Large Bags and Weaponry Must Be Checked At The Door.
You will not be permitted in the Art Show until such items are checked. This is for the safety and security of you, the Art Show Staff and the artists' work. You may also be asked to check large props, coats or cloaks.