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The Artist Alley is always a hub of activity during the convention. This is where artists and attendees interact while artists create and showcase their works. Works sold in the Artist Alley are original, commissioned works. If you are an artist interested in reserving a table, please read the following information below. Don't forget that any artist can submit artwork to the Art Show and Auction. More information about these events will be posted soon.

Artist Alley is now SOLD OUT.

Upgrade to a Vendors Room table information below.
Artists in the Vendor Room should get assistance from the vendor room coordinator during the convention.


The Artist Alley will be located in the hallways of the Norfolk Waterside Marriott.

Tables and Rates

Artist Alley is now SOLD OUT.

Tables in the Artist Alley will be six feet long. Artists need to reserve a table and pre-register for the convention. Rates for Artist Alley tables are $85 per table plus the cost of one artist registration. While we cannot guarantee placement, artists can request placement near other artists. Again, no guarantees on placement but we will try our best to full fill earlier requests.

Anime Mid-Atlantic
P.O. Box 2636
Glen Allen, VA 23060


Ask for more information...


Please contact the Artist Alley Coordinator ( to verify table availability and to make a reservation. Send us the following information by email:

Full Name
Studio Name (if any)

Once table availability and your reservation is confirmed, the Artist Alley Coordinator will send you the Artist Alley Reservation Form. Please fill it out and send it with your payment to the mailing address below:

ATTN: Artist Alley
Anime Mid-Atlantic
P.O. Box 2636
Glen Allen, VA 23060

Bounced checks will be subjected to a processing fee.

Artist Table Upgrade to Vendors Room

This year we will have a limited number of AA tables in the Vendors Room. Any artists whom we have already accepted for AMA 2018 can upgrade their table to the Vendor Room instead of the Artist Alley. This is not a Vendor booth. It is a six foot but with the advantage of extra space behind the table for additional display space. Vendor Room opening and closing hours apply.

The upgrade cost is an additional $80. Again, this upgrade is only available for artists already accepted for AMA 2018. Interested artists should contact us at:

General Rules

Artwork commissioned in the Artist Alley should only be your own works. Artists may not sale any stickers, buttons, t-shirts, merchandise, etc that contains copyrighted images or likenesses that they do not own or are licensed to sale.

Use common sense when it comes to showing mature artwork to 18+ con goers. Do not openly display mature artwork as children and minors will be present in the hallways and foyer. Separate portfolios for discreet viewing of this art works best.

Anime Mid-Atlantic and the Norfolk Waterside Marriott are not responsible for any loss or damaged materials in the Artist Alley. Artist are responsible for securing their works and displays.

The Artist Alley will be operational throughout the weekend. All materials (including trash) should be removed from the Artist Alley by end of the convention (Sunday at 4PM).

Short bio and image/logo submissions for AMA site

A short paragraph bio or studio description along with a small piece of artwork or logo can be submitted to us for inclusion on the website. Please, no bigger than a business card in size. The short bio or blurb you provide can be about you as an artist, how your group formed (if more than one artist), or just an idea of things you plan to offer at the event. Anything from a few sentences up to a couple of paragraphs is fine.

We will be accepting submissions until Friday, May 25, 2018. Please note that you are not required to do this, we just thought it would be something to help give more exposure.

Please send your submissions to: Make your subject line: AA Bio.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at next year's AMA!

Your Artist Alley Department Head


Artist Alley Hours

Friday 9AM - 2AM
Saturday 9AM - 2AM
Sunday 9AM - 4PM
setup starts Friday 9AM and continues through noon on Saturday


Confirmed Artist
for AMA 2018


Brown Rabbits


Chisuji Studios


Clockwork Cat Design Studios


DC Designs Cakes & Crafts

ET's Designs

Freeze-EX-ICE Cute Studio

Hedi Vo

Hello Kitty Studio

Hikazio Studio




Kandiman's Cyber Supplies


Lumino Studio

Magi Entertainment


Millie's Crochet House

Neko Kitty Studio

NeverBen Designs & Productions

Nightengale Needles


Phantom Wolf Apparel



Pouncivils Baubles

Rana Gainer

Ripping It Down

Sakura Sisters


Skyfire Fox Studios

Soft Sloth Studios


Tangent Artists


Viking Sheep

Wynnie Avent II




Artist Tables in the Vendors Room

Charming Summer

Cosmic Crown

Fan2Asian Underground

Lost Gamers Studio

Otaku United Studio

Sara Hylton

Shoestring Scientists