I wanted to get everyone an update on my condition first. As some of you know, I have been dealing with a number of health issues including vertebrae and spinal issues as well as some personal ones as well. Needless to say, I have been laid up way more then I like and have had to slow down a lot and take treatments for the Spinal problems. I have a number of procedures I will have to go through over the next year and will spend a bit of time laid up even more.

Due to my condition which will get better over time as I have been told, I have to put Anime Mid-Atlantic on Hiatus for at least a year. We will therefore not have an AMA event in 2019. My goal is to return in 2020 at a new location. Since we had contracts at the existing location in Norfolk, I have been forced to cancel these until I can find a new location for future events. We can not fulfill our contracts since we have to take at least a year off while I get my treatments. Its going to be a long road for me and I hope our fans have understanding that I do not do this lightly. I have loved doing AMA for 18 years and it became a Large part of my life and so many others from my staff. It was done from the heart from me and my many staff. It has always been a labor of Love. The Staff became a family over the years and this makes this even harder. Now our family will take a little time off while I get better and stronger and come back better then we have ever been.

This has weighed heavy on me since I realized I could not continue the way I always have because of my medical and personal issues that are keeping me from concentrating on what I love and I felt it would be a disservice to our fans, that we have had for so long, to continue to try when I could not be at 100 percent.

On a bit of a personal note, I found it very hard to write this without so many emotions welling up and that makes it even more difficult. I will have to deal with being burdened with a large amount of medical bills that will continue to grow over the next year. I ask that our fan base keep me and AMA in their thoughts. I will miss everyone over the next year but will show up at some events when I am able to. I wish everyone the best of luck and please don’t forget about AMA or me. I would still love to get email or Facebook messages from time to time and I will try and stay active on the lists also to keep everyone updated.

Thanks again for everyone’s support over the years. You guys rock.




Anime Mid-Atlantic